Saturday, March 31, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

There's something special in the undertaking of a midnight workout. The chiming of the church bells, interspersing the silence of a wedded stillness within the black veil of a moonless night. There is no madness in this March. Nothing filled with a timetables loathing, prevailing weather patterns or failed expectancies, none of the hate stuff associated with this month. You buckle up a weighted backpack over a wind stopper jacket, slip on some gloves, headphone jacked into and connected to a randomized selection of tunes. The shoes I chose are aerobic over bulk... something to free the spirit and feel the granular move with each step. Few, if any, cars come into town during this hour, in this month of early spring. Now and Here there is a sense of vacancy, where one can breathe and move without the feeling of being watched and judged as a practicing nut case or wacko. A private dance in the shadows, beginning with the first foots placement on the hard and constantly shifting sands, compromising in gratitude, wrapping soles in a cool embrace. It's the sand that's best for the coming to meet, it forgives and allows for subservience, protective of leaps and falls from grace...stretches, tumbles and the like. A dance where one realizes that it's not the distance one undertakes, but how one takes on the space given. The beach affords the potential for a creative workout, to ably utilize clumps of seaweed as points for leaping between the sands that can be viewed as moats with anacondas lurking beneath. One can make optimal use of the lateral space, crouching into the dragon stretch of one leg coiled beneath, while the other reaches forth, feeling the heat of a depth attained, allowing for ones awareness to take in that which is around. The sands as training ground, for balance, strength, flexibility and to concentrate on ones point of focus. A meditation in action, reflection and observation. It is an extension of the childhood sandbox, where, through time and growth, walls expand, collapse...and eventually disappear.